Product supplies

Refralia guarantees the suitability of the material used on each occasion, both those produced in-house and those of third parties.

We have a range of high-quality products, in many cases designed exclusively for the customer thanks to our research, development, innovation, and quality department.

Conditions in manufacturing processes can change depending on countless factors. At Refralia, we work closely with our customers, being able to manufacture the product that best suits the needs of their facilities.

Customization, versatility, availability

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> International network

We belong to a powerful international group.

This network presence allows us to have a greater international reach, reducing costs and guaranteeing the quality of our products.

> Our facilities

We have a very versatile in-house production facility that allows us to speed up product changes, which facilitates the urgent delivery of supplies and makes us ideal for those companies that require low-volume and recurring supplies.

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