We are specialists in providing refractory solutions in industrial sectors that work with high temperatures, maximizing yields and reducing costs.

> Who we are

Refralia originates from the need to combine the synergies of different companies to offer their services in the main industrial sectors.

We are a company oriented to the industrial sector, and we provide comprehensive refractory services.

We work to offer our customers products and services of the highest quality.

The experience, the human resources team, commitment to Research, Development and Innovation, and belonging to an international business group have allowed us to position ourselves as a leading company in Spain.

The world we live in is increasingly dynamic. Society, people, and services have to perform in increasingly demanding situations.

The maximum is demanded from all of us. We cannot fail. Processes, technology, materials evolve and advance at a speed that makes it practically impossible to keep up with everything.

The industry has the difficult task and responsibility of meeting relentless demand. Under these conditions, industrial processes cannot be stopped, and it is necessary to maintain a level of activity that ensures compliance with production objectives.

At Refralia, we offer all our knowledge as indispensable partners in industries that work with high temperatures, providing comprehensive refractory services, with the firm intention that your company will never stop.

Our values are people.

We analyze and provide answers adapted to the specific needs of each client.

We work tirelessly to ensure the quality of supplies and the work done.

We abide by the word given.

Transparency and collaboration are our way of being and working.

Our main concern is to solve our customers’ problems related to refractories, on time and with quality.

Our commitment is to you and your production goals.

We provide refractory solutions that perform at the highest level, maximizing yields and reducing costs in the most demanding situations.

Solutions that meet the current times, innovative, sustainable, 100% adapted, and customer-orientated.

Solutions that help you meet your production goals, installing and producing refractories won’t be a problem for you.

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